Lionel Messi vs Atletico Madrid (Home) 2008-09 English Commentary HD 1080i

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Lionel Messi vs Atletico Madrid (Home) 2008-09 English Commentary HD 1080i

Sky Sports English Commentary

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Extra Information:
Match: Barcelona 6-1 Atletico Madrid (La Liga 2008-2009 Season) 04/10/2008

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Shaheer Abdullah says:

Thanks a lot. Great work as always

Alex Gregorio says:

Genius #Messi10

Visca Barca says:

Hey Raheem, nice to see you uploading this rare stuff, keep it up. Would be cool to see more UCL vids on your channel, or something that other comp makers like UCCEV haven't done yet.

Marco 10 says:

Gracias por subirlo así con comentarios en Ingles eso es lo que hace unico al canal

Siboldi Gaucin says:

you uploaded the one you wanted, thank!!! great video

Vijay Anantharaman says:

The referee didn't blow the whistle. Is that even allowed?

Hailey Leonard says:

that free kick was amazing. thank you for the 19 minute comp :)))

kaneki says:

2008/09 vs atm away match please. Atm fans give messi applause

Leo Messi says:

wow. quality

Jonah Gnatiko says:

15:12 atletico coach begging for mercy😂😂😂

Jonah Gnatiko says:

12:08 what a goal that should’ve been

Tarık Altındaş says:

I've always waited for this game, thank you Raheem. Please upload "2008-09 vs Malaga home" match?

MXProductions says:

Thanks so much raheem👍🔥

Abhishek Mishra says:

Hey, can you upload last season's messi performance vs atletico madrid at camp nou, the game which ended 2-0

Nepali Guy says:

la liga is not physical lol

LM 10 says:


Anto Sebastian says:

2.45. "What on earth where Atletico Madrid doing there" 😂

Football Studio says:

turned 33 the G.O.A.T👑

Suhail Musa says:

Make on Messi all Solo Goals/Runs
Create comps since the debut of Neymar and I must need

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