Maggie Bell || Where do I even start?

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I have literally been wanting to make this video since the heartbreaking episode aired and finished it right in time for International Women’s Day. During the entire episode I just wanted to give Maggie a hug, so I decided to make this video as a virtual hug.

TV Show: FBI (CBS)
Song: Where do I even start?
Artist: Morgan Taylor
Edits: Yours truly

I don’t own any of the images, video clips or music used in this video. All content belongs to their rightful owners. Made for entertainment purposes only.

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Sophie Maginnis says:

I feel so sorry for her she's great

Saskiyahhh V says:

Such a sick edit, well done u have insane talent and I just love this show and Missy is such a good actor!

Peggy Wright says:

I really hope they do not have Maggie and OA start a relationship!!

Eric Tshimanga says:

La version française n'est pas encore disponible?

A Kara says:

Maggie and OA next season (3) will be the start of the relationship I hope it happens even if it's a glimpse

Heather Marie says:

Meggie is a sweet and beautiful

Eliane Alves says:


Mirian Roberto do Carmo says:

They are companions, they trust each other. What chemistry their personalities, Simply complete, mutual respect

Heather Marie says:

I love Meggie bell I am sorry 😓😕

Gemma Coffey says:

What episode is 1.26

ellie says:

What episode is at 0:29?

Michael Trocchio says:

Totally addicted to this show I don't know where she came from but missy is absolutely excellent

Rayan Saleh says:


Dorothy Mahoney says:

OMG I love this video!

Charley McLean says:

What episode is at 1:12

Doranwen says:

Wow, this is really good. And ouch! Makes me want to cry all over again for Maggie. Excellently done!

Jassyna says:

Dude thats emotional i am crying

Nikola Jovanovic says:

Magie bell is beautiful woman very sweet 💖

Ayan Omar says:

Amazing video, pleaaaaaase a video for OA next❤❤❤

Soccer Fan103000 says:

This video is amazingly made. Wow! Great content. Looking forward to the next video. Just subscribed. 😀

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