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The cast of ‘Mean Girls’ reunited to recreate the movie’s iconic 4-way phone call scene — and yes, it’s fetch. 💋
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In US news and current events today, some good news is definitely in order. Cue the cast of ‘Mean Girls’ reuniting to recreate the iconic 4-way call scene. Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert joined together virtually to read through one of the most memorable scenes of ‘Mean Girls.’

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Pinkpunk143 says:

Please make another movie!!!! I need this lol

Daniel Anderson says:

Academy award nominee Rachel McAdams, ladies and gentlemen

Sam McLaughlin says:

They shoulda asked lindsay if shes still attacking random brown folks on the streets that she perceives as illegal immigrants. Then cut the line.

Sam Vill says:

OMG!!! cant wait for new line to remember forever!


At this point, I don’t think anyone needs the original clips…

Dandy Lion says:

They look amazing!! We need a direct sequel!!!!

PJ Glltores says:

An awkward version

Moxie Tovani says:

Awkward. Sorry. I'm not trying to be mean. 😘

Doctor DL says:

I feel disappointed in myself for watching this, I lost brain cells.

Southern Discomfort says:

Lacy is unrecognizable. 🥴

d vaz says:

I did not enjoy this lol

Reiden Lightman says:

Lacey has not aged at all.

Amby says:

So boring… wow

Chris E. says:

Good, it wasn't just me thinking …. wth?

Lilian Tong says:

Well now I have to see the movie! I love Lacey Chabert in all the HMM movies she does.

72marshflower15 says:

This means nothing to me..

Retta L says:

This was terrible

antony Pizarro says:

I like it it funny and cringe, 2020 needs funny and cringe

Anon says:

Paused @ 0:21

Who gives a flying fck about some has beens vying for attention?
Can we have something of importance…

SpiritedSunflower says:

Haha cute, a few of them were a little bland though

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