Michael B. Jordan's Secret To Getting JACKED For Black Panther!

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Michael B Jordan’s workout for Black Panther! Michael B Jordan did an amazing job getting jacked in the gym for his role as Erik Killmonger in 2018’s Black Panther! Michael B Jordan got into great shape for Creed a couple years before Black Panther but he really needed to bulk up for the role of Killmonger! Luckily he had a great trainer with a history in bodybuilding so Michael B Jordan was in good hands to build a solid amount of muscle for Black Panther! I really like how Michael B Jordan trained for Black Panther, he used classic body-building movements that are tried and true! No gimmicks or fancy supplements! Michael B Jordan trained with classic bodybuilding methods and I love it! So here’s my video on how Michael B Jordan got ripped for Black Panther! Let me know what you think and comment on who I should cover next!!

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Keith Albelli says:

There’s no secret here! All these actors that have to get jacked for their movie roles use peds!!!

S Zaman says:

Man MBJ is 6 feet bro

TFLUE says:

Can you do How to get ripped at home

Creecy says:

I doubt he did steroids as well for his role didn’t really require him to look like a god and after potentially taking hormones for Creed, it seems like he’s just not a fan or the side effects as many actors in Hollywood are cutting out enhancements to guarantee longevity

DarkForce•01 says:

"It's fishman"

Lego Ninja wolf says:

Fish boy 😂 hey is there a Troy video in the future

TheMaximGamer says:

Was he 20% in black panther

Brandon Ndagijimana says:

Fish boy☄️🔥

Stanley-FGHIJK says:

I read that MBJ did drop sets on chest press supersets. Ex:

Military press 225×5
Incline press 225×5
Flat press 225×5
Decline press 225×5

Next round he'd remove 20 lbs and repeat. Keep going until the bar is empty.

Then shoot all the gear. All. Of. It.

Sky flyer 460 says:

Been waiting for this moment…finally a step closer to looking like him…Thanks Paris, stay on the grind 💪

Lerato Hlatshwayo says:

Yo where very poor where I live
So the diet part is a problem…..4 eggs is all the protein I get eachday and carbohydrates are not a problem..I eat chicken once a week….what should I do???

Hero1 Hill16 says:

Hey Paris any chanceyou can do one on alan ritchson for "Reacher"

Ken Quagmire says:

To get like that ,, get on the peds ,, the end !

Creecy says:

Bro I was just thinking about this, this morning lmao. Mental telepathy

Mesmerazian .H . Putra says:

Hey Paris, does Saitama's training effective in some way?

Edric Jordan says:

Been waiting on this!!!

24k gold buffalo. says:

Wow he definitely doesn't look like the comics 😳 😕 😐

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