Mila Kunis & Amber Tamblyn Helped Laura Prepon Overcome Mom Guilt

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Moms have to stick together! Actress Laura Prepon tells Kelly Clarkson that she often talks with her close friends Mila Kunis and Amber Tamblyn about dealing with “mom guilt.” The former “That ‘70s Show” star also shares one of the best pieces of advice she received about returning to work after giving birth. Tune in to the show for more real mom talk with Laura.

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Melek Turan says:

I love you baby ❤ My Laura ❤

Nettie says:

I just feel massive respect and admire this amazing woman.

cerda8112 says:

I have high esteem for these women. Kelly serenity for u n continued success

Jesse Jo says:

Ahh I love Laura!! 😍

Jess Albright says:

Kelly u look beautiful

Maria daRosa says:

Only she can pull off those 90's eyebrows. She's a beauty.

Michael Swanson says:

Laura is so ❤

DaleMurph says:

Amber looks amazing

cristina solano says:

Fathers NEVER deal with this. Why do moms have to?

Claudia says:

Laura Prepon is a scientologist

Kelly Craddock says:

Hey I'm a big fan

Paxton Cobb says:

first i think lmao

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