Mila Kunis Reveals She Records Her 'Family Guy' Lines In Her Kids' Closet

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On a Comic-Con streamed panel for the animated show “Family Guy”, Mila Kunis reveals that she works from a very small space in her kids’ closet set up by husband Ashton Kutcher.

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Mark Harris says:

Wish Ashton Would do a Show on ANGELS Or Movie

Tatiana Coll says:

Damnnnn Jackie

Candi Carter says:

I Love 💝 her so much! What a great husband ☺️

D Krom says:

Jackie and Kelso are a real couple.

Noname says:


Amy Jans says:

Love this!!! It's my dream to be a character on Family Guy!!! Seth, i'm available to do voiceovers for FG! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lorraine says:

Mila Kunis is on family guy???? How did I not know this tf

Steve Rose says:

Jesus christ! Let's get back to relevance and talk about something more meaningful. I swear, our society is getting more dumb by the second with these worthless idiotic segments. SMFH

Mark Jackson says:

she’s pretty

Galicias Gone says:

vulgar and classless like him

Md Polash says:

you are best

Difference Too Stoned says:

Seth is cringe

Ethan Hinkle says:

I feel like Seth McFarland thinks of her as Meg. He wasn’t paying attention AT ALL lmaooo

Rosa Jessica says:

My sister and I still don’t understand why on family guy everyone mistreats Meg?

Chris Spiers says:

Love Mila and Ashton! They’re such a great couple! 💖

Wallace McDonut says:

Closet is the size of average apartment.

englandportugal91 says:

Great Video! I Love Family Guy!

Kelly Craddock says:

Hey I'm a big fan

javi ruiz says:

Her closet is also bigger than my NY apartment.

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