Mila Kunis Shares Her Wild 21st Birthday Plans – "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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(Original airdate: 05/05/04) Mila talks about booking “That ‘70s Show” at age 14, her 21st birthday plans, and keeping her Christmas tree up year-round. PLUS: Mila confronts Conan about her involvement in a “If They Mated” segment. Watch more classic clips @


Xavier Vogrig says:

I genuinely didn’t know conan posted throwbacks until this video

DANNY D says:

Mila Kunis The Legend

DANNY D says:

Conan The Legend

Alex Dean says:

shut up meg

Superstar Jesus Christ says:

Conan: Good save!

RegularDude says:

wow super likeable and hot as a mofo

Shawn Maguire says:

She likes Christmas because of dating macaulay culkin. It's in her by injection

M K says:

6:26 smart move

chocograph says:

Hey, they DID make the Hobbit.

Brian Morris says:

Shut up Meg

R D says:

It must suck to be a pretty girl like Mila and be so flat chested

chris chris says:

Damn she's hott

pasindu uchiha says:

She dated home alone😱😱😱

Ryan Gizzie says:

Good interview but what we really want to see is the bug guy

Love sucking Candy says:

super, subscribe dude 🙂

Love sucking Candy says:

i have no words, bro 🌤 🍡 😋 🍁 🍭

Ayan Chakraborty says:

Wassup with Andy's outfit??🤣🤣

behemothinferno says:

Them legs tho! Hmmm…

ridewave444 says:

Nope. Kunis not hot at all here.

Edward Yeung says:

Dua Lipa has a new song out !!!!

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