Missy Peregrym on her FBI Training for New Show “FBI”

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Catch “FBI” on CBS tonight at 9 p.m. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, May 7, 2019.


GalaxyPanda7 says:

She's so cool 😂😂That's amazing that she would've actually joined the FBI.

Vicente Garcia says:

She's so beautiful for me with black hair in Rockie blue….

Osvaldo Minela says:


Cusimi Looking says:

I hope Missy comes back after her maternity leave. This show keeps me on the edge. High suspense.

Freddy Randanella says:

Missy Looks Beautiful!…I Love Her Alluring Beauty Mark!❤

vet 71 says:

Imo she isn't that good on FBI, she ruins the show with her charachter.

Mutar Fuqueer says:

I always thought getting shot at in Afghanistan in 100 degree weather for the armed forces was a tough job, but yeah, having to say the same thing over like 3 or 4 times in 80 degree weather is tough too.

Julia S says:

McNally & Swarek forever.

John Smith says:

Wayyyyy better show than Quantico! Also I think it's so wholesome that she wanted to become a real life agent! I wonder if she would have gone through with it if she was younger the age cutoff.

Julino says:

someone looked van Helsing ?
It´s so sad that she died…
only for her tv show

Karen Olson says:

I'm sorry Sala Ward left!

Dalibor Dupor says:

She is so full of energy you can just feel it even through screen.

cahaps says:

She's a hottie i love her with black hair

Zaldivar Diego says:

News and politics. Good Luck.

Head5959 says:

Stick it is an awesome funny movie.

dave d says:

FBI = Coup D'état plotting TRAITORS!

wannabe to wasabe says:

All the actors on this series are very good. Missy Peregrym is doing an excellent job in her role. I love seeing Sela Ward doing a good job on yet another excellent show. She is underrated in my opinion. As for realism it sounds like they are trying to get some things correct, but how would I know if the whole thing is realistic?

JAGExecutiveServicesInc says:

She l0¿0ks alot like Amanda Peete

Dante 525 says:

I loved her in Rookie Blue

The Tactical Goat says:

Who is the young man they were interviewing? Sheesh!

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