Missy Peregrym Shut Everything Down After ‘Rookie Blue’

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Canadian actress Missy Peregrym sat down with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel and revealed why she needed to unplug once she wrapped “Rookie Blue” in this extended interview. Missy’s new show “FBI” airs on Global on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Dora Toler says:

Rookie Blue is a great show. Watching rerun in NC. The actors give perfect performances. Beautiful Ben Bass gives a very sexy, intelligent vibe that is unforgettable. Could not get enough watching his kisses! Thank you and best wishes.

230608grace says:

Missy has remarried for 2nd time and just had a baby boy.


andi and gail two best reasons to watch the show.

Jacob Smith says:

Anyone know a show just like rookie blue

Mirkwood Animations says:

Who misses peck?

THE N FAMILY n says:

I'm rookie blue too

Bill Hamilton says:

I wish I grew up with Missy. I hope I get to meet her someday.

Ray Campbell says:

Missy is sexy AF

Dalibor Dupor says:

She made Van Helsing great now it's not the same.

Dalibor Dupor says:

Van Helsing was way better with Missy.She should have been lead not Kelly.

Renata Prudente says:

I miss Rookie Blue 😩😩💔

Sebas martinez says:

No se que esta diciendo pero esta bien guapa alv la conocí por valgensing

Viannelis Rios says:

“I wasn’t acting. I had no idea what I was doing”😂😂😂❤️

lolita of Africa says:

I LOVE Missy. Amazing actor.

Deborah Chears says:

I love Andy and Sam together

Manny Marban says:

Hope comes back

Manny Marban says:

So sad when it ended like 3year ago

lisarm100 says:

She speaks well! Hope the show does well too!

J. Pikoulis says:

Pissy Peregrym

Samantha shepherd says:

I miss Andy McNally!!

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