Natalie Portman Has a Secret

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Secret secret! She’s got a secret!


Keith Fillinger says:

These false idols do not even have any talent.

Erich Pengel says:

She is not speaking the demons in here are speaking so creepy to see.

God is Great says:

I like the setup with all the videos!!

Mary Tieger says:

2:12 Who was she referring to?

DZTV says:

The Bathtub Suicide scene in the Movie HEAT.

Virginia Lorberau says:

Those weird necks, they look like there is a rippled plastic hose in them. My neck shows none of this. Meghan Fox has it bad.

cali524 says:

Liked the quick switch to each of these…good job with all of them.

Estefanía L. says:

Is animal print apart of the occult too? (I’m new to this, I’m just curious.)

Dark Value says:

So are there any celebrities that aren't a part of these rituals or sign languages? So we can't be famous in Hollywood without joining some cult or fraternity? I just want to know. Is there any Christian to being globally famous?

illumi NOTme says:

I had to take comment 33. Hellywood offers nothing but brainwashing and predictive programming. All the while killing and abusing the innocent.

Lora Johnson says:

What about gwen Stefani

Exit Strategy says:

Google , evie’s crib pizzagate , then click images , then read the top it says about evelyn and how she will soon have power over all of us , that was in 2009 , Now forward to 2015 podesta emails , evelyn dies , now who is evelyn , maybe a failed attempt to bring something or someone to power , but like the bible says they will try to mix iron with clay but it will not work ,

Dirk Steel says:

Not a surprise at all really…and that is sad in itself.

Exit Strategy says:

He said at the end your a dead skin cell , british scientists turn dead skin cells into live tissue from dead embryos

Melissa Colunga says:

Do "they" all have to do these signs ?? I mean is it a must ! Are there any famous people who are where they are by just plan hard work ? Kevin Coster ?

Mal says:

Have you found anything on Margot robbie, I can’t seem to find anything but she must play a part considering all her connections.

jordan hess says:

Does the covering of one eye have significance whether it's the right or left eye ?

Alien Kill Squad says:

Please look at this!!! This is a video from RFB, a popular truth channel. At nine seconds in, he does the sign of Osiris risen. This is the first time I've caught a truther signaling. Please tell me I'm not crazy

Ivana Tinkle says:

Natalie Portman? Ohhh, you mean Neta-Lee Hershlag

Laura Cashman says:

It's most tragic when the parents sell their children to the business.

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