Natalie Portman Talks 'Thor' Prep

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After Natalie Portman revealed how she’s prepping for her role as the mighty female Thor in “Thor: Love And Thunder”, Sangita Patel, Graeme O’Neil and guest co-host Elamin Abdelmahmoud react during “ET Canada Live”.

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Pat Morrow says:

She couldn't be bothered to show up for the other movies, but now that she gets to twirl around the hammer, she comes back. I will call her character the god of hammers.

Luci K says:

NP was cancelled after she lost her sex appeal of being that mysterious sex pot, now she's outed for being the typical actress sleeping with married men and then pretending like it never happened.

l don't know her says:

Why would a female want to be the female version of a male version isn't that the whole point against feminist thought? Why can't she just be her own original here ?

Kaotic Designs says:

Well I am excited for this in comic she becomes Thor but it kills her because she has cancer. Now they could switch up where she is the new Thor. But i believe she will have Mjonir and Thor will have Storm Breaker. So i am super excited to see how this unfolds. Because it seem there going with the new Avenger line up. But i dont think Helmsworth is done but i think she will be the front runner in the Avenger line up. But Thor will have a different role and maybe will eventually be the king he was in the comics.

lola brini says:

WTF???!!!! thor is a king, a man
ok: let's make alexander the great a chick too why not.
How would they feel if they made wonder woman a man???!!!
i dont understand the double standard BS GOING ON IM SO MAD!!!!

Chisty A says:

Chris Hemsworth will continue as Thor. I believe he will carry Stormbreaker in the movie, and Natalie Portman will carry Mjolnir, Thor's original hammer. In the comic book Jane Foster is dying of breast cancer when she first becomes Thor, and every time she turns into Thor, she gets sicker as the transformation purges the chemo from body. She may die in this film. At any rate, Chris Hemsworth will continue as Thor in the MCU.

Marvellous Mr Measles says:

i actually thought that was Millie Bobby Brown in the picture on the left of the thumbnail until i read the title. 😅

Chisty A says:

Also, before Jane Foster became Thor in the regular comic book, there was an issue of the What If comic book about Jane Foster becoming Thor. They called her Thordis.

Asmitha Muthukumar says:

Who thinks Chris Hemsworth is irreplaceable as Thor?

Chisty A says:

Third. The original Thor is also called The Mighty Thor, so that's not really a distinction.

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