NEW MCU THOR 4 UPDATES! Natalie Portman & Taika Waititi Talk Plot!

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We’ve got some NEW MCU Thor 4 updates! Natalie Portman talks shooting start and story points, as well as talk about getting jacked for the role. Taika Waititi has also talked about the script and plot of Thor 4 Love and Thunder as compared to what he did in Thor Ragnarok. Cool stuff to breakdown here!!!

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The Den of Nerds says:

Let us know what YOU think about these updates! – Josh

Tammy says:

I still can't get over the fact that Thor is a person not a mantel. It's irritating

Arabella says:

Darth Vader knowing Thor stole his wife xd

Beckett Papa says:

I would love to see how Taika Waititi does on this film. I think it will be just as awesome as Ragnarok!

Tom O'Brady says:

I'm down for a Taika Waititi RomCom, I'm down for Taika doing anything. Screw people afraid of diversity, they shouldn't be pandered to. Let them hide in their basements while the world changes for the better, around them.

Steve Going says:

Have you seen how jacked Robert Pattinson is getting?

CountOrlok22 says:

Taika has yet to do a bad film, so I'm down for whatever he wants to try. There are no guarantees that it'll be as good as "Ragnarok", but Taika has earned my trust, and I can't wait to see Portman rise to the challenge.

Adam Herrick says:

Natalie can do well when she's motivated. Previously she didn't have the best relationship with Marvel Studios, which is why she sat out Ragnarok. I don't know if she was approached, but she had signed on for Dark World with an entirely different director, and I think it was Bob Iger who canned the female director Feige picked and replaced them. Pretty sure that director went on to make Wonder Woman. Portman was contractually obligated to do it anyways. So she jumped ship as soon as she could. Just look at things like Black Swan, though, where she is committed to the project. She's been around a while, she has the chops. As long as MCU is run squarely by Feige and he plays ball with his actors I don't see it not being fantastic.

Michael Bleckler says:

It will still be woke. Pass.

Kendrick Parks says:

My theory; jane gets with valkyrie and thor gets with sif

Jim Blanc says:

Natalie Portman doesnt make any sense for this role she is so tiny. She could be more of a spiderwoman.

Lady Sif aka Jamie Alexander
Queen Maeve aka Dominique McElligot
would have been a much better choice.

Media Dunce says:

Nerd Card: It was Nick Fury, who said "Gor was RIght!"

The 365 Day Transformation Challenge says:

Natalie is flipping hot yes I’m stoked to see her as the Mighty Thor

Chris Panos says:

Great take, as always. I like it- romance has always been a part of comics, and I'm not afraid of a Taika/Marvel "romcom" one bit (if we know anything about Waititi, we know he'll do an awesome job).

David Prather says:


ThoricLeek 37347 says:

Although mighty Thor is in the comics, I could see this being a agenda and woke movie

Lucas Texvenger says:

Nick Furry- Nerd Card

justin simone says:

I'm not very interested in the Lady Thor character. I do like the run with Mangog; BUT if the MCU does another Thor isn't worthy take its going to be ridiculous. To replace a God with a mortal is stupid… I'd prefer a Thor, Beta-Ray, lady Thor battle Gorr story. I have nothing against Padme , uh Natalie just don't like the character much

Petey J says:

Nerd card Loki

Jacob Rupersburg says:

People who didn’t read the comics need to understand that Lady Thor wasn’t part of the forced representation and extremely woke era that was All New All Different Marvel. She was part of Jason Aaron’s plan from the start and just got unlucky and came out during that era. It was made clear from the start of that run that Odinson would get the hammer back since Jane was dying from cancer.

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