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Reacting to my OLD VIDEOS! |Bethany Mota #shorts

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Not Now says:

Just had to stop by after seeing her on celebrity undercover boss, she's awesome…👍

Ziva David says:

Would I still consider turning Arizona cans into unnecessary decor? …yeah. 😂

Victoria Elizabeth says:

Please do a full YouTube vid of this 😍😍😍

Aubrey Kelly says:

I love viso girl bethany and glad you like it 😊

Officer Crown says:

I need help

Jerry Pineda says:

You have inspired me to make a channel, or content. I don’t know what it’s called. Saw you on under cover celebrity…

Kimi Girl says:

lmfao i was just watching the old make me over videos those used to be my LIFE

Noopur Sahay says:

please review your first room tour that one really got me hooked 😀

ViViAnItA LiNdA says:

It said she got cyber bullied

ViViAnItA LiNdA says:

I have a question we’re you once cyber bullied

ViViAnItA LiNdA says:

We’re you once cyber bullied

ViViAnItA LiNdA says:

We’re you cyber bullied and was homeschooled ?

منوعات اغاني عربي كردي موزيك says:


Euphoria Desserts says:

You WERE a tumblr girl 😍

Yassir Atif says:

Girl please your old videos are my comfort, my escape you are literally a big part of my childhood !!! Still now whenever I feel really stressed I go back to your old videos like it's still 2013 and I'm 7 again. Thank you so much Bethany for being the big sister to guide me and give me comfort 💕

Adri Love says:

I remember the camera!! I legit made one with my sister 😂😂

sam207y says:

Lovedddd ur old videos 😭💗💗

아마도 생각 says:

Back in the days she used to be my favourite YouTuber


I still go back and watch those videos.. its a stress buster to me. 😍;

lya rachel says:

the way I did the headband 'bob' so many times

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