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RIHANNA vs. BEYONCE vs. AALIYAH vs. BRANDY: This Was A Blowout

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This is a beyonce reaction, and, beyonce reaction, type comparison between,beyonce reaction, and,beyonce reaction, .In this beyonce reaction,and beyonce reaction,video, i compare accolades and stats in categories like youtube videos with 100M+ views, spotify songs with 100M+ streams, billboard hot 100 this week 2022, and much more.Also In This beyonce reaction, Video i analyze spotify songs with 1billion streams, total spotify streams, spotify monthly listeners, spotify followers, diamond albums, diamond singles, and alot more in this beyonce reaction video. Also in this beyonce reaction video, i look at youtube videos with 250 million views, 500 million views, 750 million views, highest viewed youtube video, and youtube subscribers in this beyonce reaction, video. If youd like to see some of your favorite artists, in any of the future videos let me know in the comments ☺️.

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Rihanna ate
Ended all pop girly without releasing since years


Queen rih ofcc

Randy Goku says:

Talent wise it’s

Beyoncé > Mary J Blige > Brandy > Rihanna > Aaliyah > Ashanti

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