Roger Federer vs Daniel Nestor in his first televised US Open match! | US Open 2000 Round 2

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19-year-old Roger Federer takes on Canada’s Daniel Nestor in Round 2 of US Open 2000!

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David Luck says:

very cool. Like watching footage of Stalin at an 1899 Bolshevik Party Congress. Who knew?

40 Love says:

The 3rd rounder vs Ferrero was the best Fed match.

Horacio Zambrano says:

Thanks for putting this up, for us Fed fans that study his evolution this is golden. Some clear differences vs his peak with the 90 in racquet: his footwork is almost like an average pro here (not as sharp and graceful yet), which lead to more errors, things like the angled volley aren't fully there yet, and his serve motion take back to trophy changed slightly. If he was playing with an 85 at this point, I remember reading the 90" helped his game, as the 97" does later in 2013. What is remarkable already: ability to hit massive top with an 85" or 90" racquet, racquet head acceleration, hand reflexes, incredible soft half volleys, and back hands down the line showing arc'ing top from his whip.

jason fry says:

Thanks a ton. Im a huge fan of Nestor. Him and Mark Knowles would hook me and a bunch of my buddies up with Tickets in Houston when I was in HS and just starting to play tennis. Them, The Bryans and this guy named Coach Joe would visit every year and make sure us poor kiddos got to see some amazing tennis. They would answer tons of questions and even hit with us. They are also the reason I serve and volley and enjoy doubles more than singles.

Adam Blister says:

Amazing that he's playing with an 85 square inch racket here.

LB7 says:

this is better quality than the 2020 Australian Open coverage 😂

Jonathan Maman says:


Eduardo Morais says:

Someone tell that kid he’s going to become the greatest player of all time

Steve Walters says:

That’s my old roommate, Daniel Nestor! He called me. “The Big Guy,” even though he was way bigger than I was. I knew Fed was special when I saw him back them. He just hit the ball so clean.

Ramanuj Agasty says:

Mr 40-15 looked like a spoilt kid with a very smug and punchable face back then

Ethan Andres says:

so many memories come back..

EghotheTennisGamer369 says:

It brings back the memories of when Federer was younger. His hairstyle was also different!

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