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Salma Hayek Is Still Labeled a Gold-Digger |⭐ OSSA

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Salma Hayek married billionaire François-Henri Pinault in 2009, and from that time she was named as a gold-digger. Despite the fact that they are still happily married many people still suspect Salma in greedy desire to get rich at the expense of her husband. Such accusations really upset Salma Hayek, because the successful actress has gone through a lot and achieved a lot on her own. That is why we decided to dive deep into the life and career of Salma Hayek to find out her every struggle that she has gone through.

In this video OSSA is going to share with you an inspiring story of Salma Hayek, so you will learn all the details of her life, family, career, and marriage. We will tell about her family and its attitude to Salma Hayek’s acting career, and talking about her acting career it will be hard not to remember Salma Hayek’s conflict with the infamous Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. But mostly we’d like to talk with you about the amazingly strong relationship between Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, their marriage and kids, and about everything that proves that behind this couple there is nothing less or more than pure love feelings!

So watch this OSSA’m video to find out everything about Sama Hayek’s life, career, and marriage, to be sure that there is nothing cruel you can suspect her in!

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Lil Jay says:

I don't get gold digger from Salma. She can out flaunt every top female star(kim Kardashian) on social media with lavish and expensive things…but she don't! Because she's just happy with her family. Sidenote: She flaunts her adopted and rescued animals more than material things on SM

Rohlu Puii says:

I love salma, she is the most down to earth person

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