Snowpiercer 1×08 Promo "These Are His Revolutions" (HD) Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs series

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Snowpiercer 1×08 “These Are His Revolutions” Season 1 Episode 8 Promo – Revolution has finally come, and Layton (Daveed Diggs) leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion. Melanie’s (Jennifer Connelly) house of cards collapses and she’s in danger of becoming the first casualty in the battle for control of Snowpiercer. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Snowpiercer season 1 promos in HD!

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Snowpiercer 1×08 Promo/Preview “These Are His Revolutions”
Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 Promo
Snowpiercer 1×08 Promo “These Are His Revolutions” (HD)


» Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs

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Ra Tehuti says:

I can just see Layton cutting the dreads off eventually. That's when I'll be done watching this show lol

Vasun05 says:

You know I always wondered how could they survive without WiFi?

Vixoty says:

Bruh I can’t wait

A. Kalantar says:

one thing for sure I hate Zarah. I look forward to the day he sees him. She is not fit to carry his child.

13wlflvr says:

I feel like the people rooting for first class and hating on tailies are upper class in real life and are disconnected from the injustices, inequality, and hatred in our own society. How dare those people want to live in safety, comfort, and cleanliness. So what if they didn't pay to be on the train. You can't honestly tell me that you wouldn't have tried your damnedest to get on the last warm, survivable place on Earth if the only alternative was turning into a human popsicle. Wealth should never determine one's right to survive.

Simo Mk says:

Wilford is real episode 11 i don't know where or how but he is real

Marcus Eduardo says:

If melanie dies, I will stop watching the show, she is by far the best character

Natelelouch says:

Lack of understanding of their current situation is the root of all problems in snowpiercer. Melanie didn't lack leadership, she lacks communication. I'm rooting for melanie tho.. fuck the first class and fuck layton!

Mike Nikonsuk says:

Movie was bettet but SHOW is pretty.good too.

savannah wynter says:

I think Melanie is pregnant

MMatty2 says:

melanie is basically the only character who isn't annoying.. if she goes theres basically no reason to watch the show.. watching her story while she tries to keep everything in control is great.. everything else is just this stupid annoyance. its odd how none of the other characters realize the balance and the importance of the way everything is designed..

Samuel says:

Why 90% of the train consist on white people when it's supposed to be people from all over the world

Kavish Algoo says:

Oh yeah this is war my favorite character just went popsicle
He’s out for blood 🩸

Christoforos Lamprineas says:

Great show and of course an allegory portraying our civilization.. If all could enjoy the privileges of technology and science to the same extent, then the planet would be dead in no time. Population needs to be controlled and if not, then inevitably some will starve. For capitalism to survive, many need to work harder and suffer in favor of the few. It will always be like that until an extinction event.

Kevin Cobb says:

I think the show is like a Rorschach test, just like Parasite, where it is so balanced that people project their own bias into the show. So some people think Melanie is in the right and earnestly saving the train by any means necessary, and some people think Layton is right that the injustices on the train are unnecessary and that once they're changed all [remaining] people can enjoy a better life and handle train politics more equitably.
Here's hoping that Melanie resurrects Wilford and he has a good solution for all of this. The Wilford in the movie had the kind of foresight to expect cyclical revolutions like this. Perhaps this Wilford also wanted to be put-under for a while until the right season, and knows enough to amenably unify the train again.

Lovinyunomore says:

I don't know y'all. I'm torn between Melanie and Layton. I like both of them! She had to do some things and he had to do some things. How this will end? No idea. CAN'T WAIT THO!

miele jack says:

kill all of the tail…they are so annoying…

Tony Malone says:

Whose gonna be exicuted

X Samer says:

When and Where Mr.Wilford will appear ? I wanna see him . The most secret character

Anthony Parent says:

I'm rooting for Melanie. Layton is the worst

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