Snowpiercer 1×09 "Old Ways, Old Wars" / 1×10 "994 Cars Long" Promo (HD) Season Finale

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Snowpiercer 1×09 “Old Ways, Old Wars” & 1×10 “994 Cars Long” Promo (Season Finale) – The rebel forces are on the ropes when a dangerous foe defects to their side. They hatch a final plan to take control of Snowpiercer once and for all, but it comes at a grave moral cost, and just may destroy them all.

Snowpiercer 1×10 “994 Cars Long” (Season Finale) – In the revolution’s aftermath, Layton (Daveed Diggs) struggles to govern the shell-shocked survivors. Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) finally makes peace with her demons, only to realize the biggest threat to their survival is right over her shoulder. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Snowpiercer season 1 promos in HD!

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Snowpiercer 1×09 “Old Ways, Old Wars” & 1×10 “994 Cars Long” Promo/Preview (Season Finale)
Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 9 & 10 Promo
Snowpiercer Season 1 Season Finale Promo
Snowpiercer S01E09 & S01E10 Promo (Season Finale)


» Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs

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Horatio Huskisson says:

Why do people listen to the Fulgers? Why would anyone? Money doesn’t mean anything in the post apocalyptic world.

Horatio Huskisson says:

She thinks she left Wilford at the station but he secretly got on and is hiding on the train.

ege aral aksoy says:

THEORY 1:16 is the other train, ICEBREAKER, (red dot) the one where wilford is in. They somehow lost communication. Its another train that also has its own course that circulates the earth, (Goes through Istanbul, as bayraklari) (you can see the red dot moving slightly), however some of the tracks are the same as the snowpiercers tracks. So melanie says OMG because they are about to collide to icebreaker. Rip This is my theory what do you guys think.

Brandon Moore says:

THEORY!!!: They lure first to the class room (which I think is in third) and sneak their way under them (via: subtrain) where they uncouple them, or maybe it's just the folgers and their allies, I dunno (shrug)

Rome Dela Rosa says:

Melanie's acting durinf that crying scene was perfect!

Anthony Parent says:

Team Melanie

Charlie Haycox says:


Abdul Mutlib says:

I dont understand if the classes are united in finale then whats left for season 2 this whole story revolves around class differences

Ron Jason Aborita says:

Layton will have to sacrifice Miles. Melanie will sacrifice Engr. That is the moral cost of decoupling First Class. until the plot twist of revealing who is Wilford. watch again.

Knives Millions says:

My theory is that there are multiple Snowpiercer trains going different directions and routes so that they never encounter one another.

Mik Antonio says:

I hope they still do some sort of negotiation for those first class that do not agree on all this mutiny before they disconnect them.

Cleveland Boy says:

the tail is going to realize how important she is and keep her around , this should get interesting

Brazzers Gaming says:

Biggest plot hole so far is putting the tailie kid in the engine.

Sam Nepomuceno says:

When I first saw the season finale's title by accident a few weeks back, I was dreading first class and Melanie cutting off the tailies. But this trailer made things one hundred percent better now that I know it's not the tail they are disconnecting.

reecespiecesheroful says:

Gotta hand to this show. It surprised me after the first 4 episodes were finished. Good to see Jennifer Connelly in pretty good form, heading a very capable and excitingly diverse cast. Looking forward to season finale and what may come in Season 2…?

Silly Goose says:

jennifer looks like she started doing meth

Legend8 says:

My thoughts: Melanie is needed to keep the train going, but at the same time, her ideals between what's just, or leadership in general is horrendous….Eventhough she has bad blood with Layton, I do hope she's learnt from her failures and do what's right this time…..Because Layton seems to be on self destruct mode after losing his girl….First class thinks they will contain this new branch of power, but have yet to see their demise from Layton….

Bannedchan says:

7 years late on dumping the leeches


How would they disconnect the 1st class car?

kasandra211 says:

If they disconnect first class what will happen to Melanie right hand and the boy who are in front of the train? Her right hand signed his death wish with this. as all ppl left on the train with his are against him.

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