Sophia Bush reveals she owns a gun and calls for 'much stricter legislation'

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Sophia Bush reveals she owns a gun and calls for ‘much stricter legislation’

Actress and activist Sophia Bush is getting candid about the fact that she owns a gun.

In an interview published on Thursday on, Sophia talked about gun reform frankly, at one point observing, ‘It feels a bit mental that we wouldn’t regulate guns in the same way that we regulate cars, for example.’

Bush began the chat by describing her affinity for firearms as going back to when she was a child, and it was a way to bond with her father.

‘Going to the range was the thing my dad and I loved to do together and something that I really took to,’ she said.

‘Riflery, and then marksmanship in general, became a passion of mine and over the years has been something that I’ve continued to pursue.’

Later, Sophia identified herself as a gun owner, saying, ‘I’m a really passionate advocate for responsible gun ownership and for much stricter legislation around gun ownership.’

It was then that she made the analogy of guns being at least as regulated as automobiles.

‘You have to pass a test, have insurance, get your qualifications checked,’ she said of driving a car, which should obviously also be the absolute bare minimum for being able to own a lethal weapon.

Bush also opened up specifically about gun violence, sharing candidly that her second cousin Christina-Taylor Green was shot and killed at age 9 in the 2011 shooting in Tuscon, Arizona.

‘Anyone out there who doesn’t think it could happen to them is thinking on borrowed time,’ she observed.

And about the Wear Orange movement, Bush said ‘the campaign started in Chicago, where Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed in 2013 at 15 years old. Her friends wore orange in her honor, and since then orange has been the defining color of the gun-violence-prevention movement. When we can get entire cities to turn orange, entire social media feeds, we can really garner some attention and spark conversations.’

Gun violence is just one of the issues close to Sophia’s heart, as it intersects with other pressing cultural and societal problems the country is facing.

‘People look at something like gun violence, they look at something like systemic racism, they look at something like political corruption, and they think, “How am I ever going to do something about that? That feels big. That feels far away,”‘ Bush observed.

‘They aren’t as tuned in to how close the effect of issues like those are. It’s up to all of us to remind ourselves that if this has happened to a family somewhere, it’s happened to our family.’

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