⭒ ཐིཋྀ ˖ ࣪⊹ entering mairen’s world . ˖⁩𖦹︎ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆benefits for you ໒꒰ྀི ˆ꒳ˆ ꒱ྀི ♡ ◞ carbon copy of young adriana lima’s whole face ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s FACE —— face shape, facial proportions, facial symmetry, side profile, facial spacing, facial expressions, facial harmony, facial angles, jawline, cheekbones, hairline, forehead length, forehead width, amount of cheek fat, width, length, midface, lower thirds, facial projection ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s STRUCTURE —— zygomatic bones, maxilla, orbital bones, frontal bone, glabella, mandible, nasal bone, zygomatic process, temporal bone, zygomatic process, submalar region, zygomatic arch, infraorbital sulcus, supraorbital area, mental protuberance ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s EYES —— eyelids, pupils, sclera, iris, tear duct, waterline, white sclera, canthal tilt, eyes size + width, eyes shape, aegyo sal, eye corners (inner&outer), eyes position, lashes, lashline, eyebrows, 20/20 vision ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s NOSE —— alar base, nose bridge, nose length, nose width, columella, nasal ala, lateral walls, septum, nose size, nose shape, dorsal hump, nostrils, nasal bone structure ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s LIPS —— lip shape, level of plumpness, top&bottom lip, cupid’s bow, philtrum length, lip colour, lip vertical length, lip horizontal width, philtral ridge, mentolabial sulcus, vermillion, vermillion border, oral commissures ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s CHIN —— length, width, shape ♡ ◞ young adriana lima’s JAW —— length, width, shape ♡ ◞ clear, hydrated, glassy, balanced, smooth, glowing, unreal, soft, fresh, doll-like, youthful, texture-less, poreless, blemish-free, undamaged, spotless, air-brushed, unblemished, flawless, even, healthy, plump and perfect skin [More]