hello:) this is a requested subliminal made for a beautiful angel @Rose love uu so much thanks for being patient (i’d give u a virtual hug but we’re in the middle of pandemic sooooo hehe); a subliminal targeted on looking like young mila kunis! note: as always, this sub is safe and filled w/ positive energy please stay hydrated listen as many times as you want but i would recommend more than 5 times, it’s all about the consistency relax and don’t go to hard on yourself, you are loved benefits: look exactly like young Mila Kunis people confuse you for young Mila Kunis face like young Mila Kunis skin tone that compliments you big dreamy eyes that make people fall for you nose like young Mila’s Kunis nose cute round upturned nose angel skull with the most perfect ethereal side profile face structure like young Mila Kunis forehead like young Mila’s Kunis forehead eyebrows like young Mila’s Kunis eyebrows arched thin dark filled in eyebrows black and long eyelashes healthy eyelashes and eyebrows rosy cheeks like young Mila Kunis get the most perfect and adorable dimples everyone compliments and talks about your cute dimples nostrils like young Mila Kunis lips like young Mila Kunis big kissable rosy lips straight, white teeth; perfect smile; be free from any oral illnesses or teeth gaps have the most adorable, attractive smile in the world chin like young Mila Kunis clean face like young Mila Kunis body like young Mila Kunis height like [More]