Es momento de dar un vistazo al pasado y comparador a dos grandes leyendas modernas. Joaquin Phoenix vs Heth Ledger Si quieres más contenido aquí un video interesante sobre el camino de Ash de Pokemon: Puedes seguirme en mis redes sociales: Instagram: TikTok: Tambien puedes seguirme en Twitch: #Joker #versus #guason #thejoker
¡Que tranza pinshi Cinéfilo! Te haz preguntado todo lo que se tienen que preparar los actores para alguna película, JOAQUIN PHONENIX perdió más de 40 KILOS para hacer la película del JOKER Entre otras cosas. #short #joker #shorts #joaquinphoenix #mattaullido #cine #elplacerdelcine Dale Like y Comparte ! 👍 Activa la campanita para estar siempre al día 🔔 No olvides dejar tus comentarios 👇 Sígueme en mis redes sociales Facebook Instagram Twitter Cuchaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo!
Send in the clowns. The world was shocked back in early June when it was confirmed that Todd Phillips’ 2019 film, Joker, would be getting a sequel, especially when it was revealed to be a musical that would co-star Lady Gaga as fan-favorite character Harley Quinn. The newest bit of info for the film comes from both the original film and its sequel’s cinematographer Lawrence Sher as he has confirmed that the film will start filming within the next 5-6 weeks. Sher, who was also the director of photography for the newly released and fellow DC film Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson, was a guest on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Behind the Screen” podcast. While the interview on the podcast was mostly about the newly released film as well as that post-credit scene, Sher also spoke about his next project, which is of course the highly anticipated Joker follow-up. During the interview, Sher revealed that the film is scheduled to start in “five or six weeks’ time” and will mostly be shot in sound stages in Los Angeles but will also have scenes shot on location in New York. This would put the film starting its filming process around the end of November or start of December. He also spoke about Gaga’s role and place in the movie. “She’s going to be a really cool fit for this movie and will create a similar kind of magic that Joaquin brought by himself,” says Sher. “The combination of the two will be [More]
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sketch of Joaquin Phoenix aka joker on black paper with white charcoal pencil . time 7 hr . tools: black paper white charcoal pencil white gel pen . thanks for watching please like and subscribe god bless you follow me Instagram: .Facebook:https:// www.facebook./mohitharitartz/ Twitter: @MohitHarit_artz #shortvideo #shorts #youtubeshorts #marvel #viralvideo #ytshorts #youtube #dc #dccomics #dceu #jokershorts #joker #darkknightretun #joaquinphoenix
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Hello guys this is a joker drawing my 1st drawing in joker with colorful with joker character Joaquin phoenix drawing 1 drawing joker with color crayons //Joaquin phoenix// Adhyan Artist 2 baby drawing 3 mother Teresa drawing 4 baby drawing 1 part of the video 5 jai bala ji maharaj 6 the rock drawing 7 my Aunkal drawing 8 Hrithik Roshan drawing 9 guru randhawa drawing 10 Hardy Sandhu drawing 11 12 my drawing equipment for material name purchase 1 charcoal soft pencil 2 brush for shading 3 outline normal dark pencil 4 charcoal medium pencil 5 A4 size heavy paper 6 outline macnical pencil 7 color crayons 8 pencil color 9 eraser 10 10B dark pencil 11 oil pastel 12 drawing book 13 button folder book 14 paper polithin ok guys I hope you enjoy all video if you did hit the like button subscribe like for more follow me for instagram Adhyan Artist_123 a
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