#deadpool3 #themarvels #samuelljackson #cobiesmulders #McuMaster Hello, I’m back with a new video and in this video, I will be talking about some news, updates, and rumors related to Marvel. Let’s get started. Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse Delay: 1) So, as we all know, the film Beyond The Spider-Verse is set to release next year. However, recently it has been revealed that the release of Beyond The Spider-Verse will not be happening next year. This means that we will get a new release date for Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse. Deadpool 3 Rumor: 1) So recently, Ben Affleck was spotted on the set of Deadpool 3. Now, it is being speculated that he might be a part of the movie, and if he is, he might be seen playing the role of Daredevil. 2) It’s been heard that Jessica Alba might be seen playing the role of Sue Storm in Deadpool 3. According to the rumors, Jessica had visited the set of Deadpool 3. The Marvels Update: 1) As we saw at the end of episode 1, Maria Hill is dead. However, recently THR has stated that Maria Hill will also be seen in The Marvels. It’s not known whether she will appear in a present scene, a past scene, or if someone else will take on the role of Skrull Maria. Recently, Cobie was asked about this, but her response was that she doesn’t know anything about it. Venom 3 Update: 1) It has been reported that filming for Venom 3 [More]
During Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel in 2019, Natalie Portman wielded the hammer as it was announced Jane Foster would return for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ Tom Hiddleston took the stage to promote his new Disney+ series, ‘Loki,’ and Mahershala Ali revealed he’s taking on ‘Blade.’ But that’s just scratching the surface as ET revisits the biggest and best Marvel moments at Comic-Con International: San Diego.