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Actress and model Kate Beckinsale left her daughter lily in shock as she forwarded a particularly saucy shot of the Queen of Pop peering under the bed and claimed it was her own. The Underworld star pranked Lily by pretending that a racy image posted of Madonna’s bottom was actually her own. The Queen of Pop Madonna recently posted a series of her risqué images posing on a bed in short and fishnets that somehow, attracted Beckinsale as she forwarded it to her daughter to know about her reaction. Kate shared on Instagram, with the caption: “@lily_sheen had a fright.” She sent the snap to Lily and asked: “Do you it’s too much that I posted this? looks good.” Her 22-year-old replied: “I’m a little confused I must say. I do think it’s a little much but it’s also very arty.” Lily’s mom then spilled the beans, and wrote: “Lol it’s Madonna. Like I’d ever.” Kate Beckinsale was not believing that her daughter would not recognise her as she responded: “I can’t believe you don’t recognise your own mother.” Lily admitted she was “so relieved” that her mother had not actually shared snap of her bottom. Beckinsale’s daughter added that she was crying “tears of happiness”. For more news and updates visit: @Think But Logically Trusted News Source: Background Voice Source: Microsoft OneNote
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#USO Who does it BETTER? Hmmm… Nobody does it better – Makes me feel sad for the rest! Nobody does it half as good as you – Baby, you’re the best! Dominic Thiem plans to travel to NY next week, but might pull out of the USO if the players have to quarantine themselves prior to travelling to Italy for the Rome Masters . “I enjoy my time at home. If the tour starts, I’ll be ready. If not, I’ll stay home some more.”
Roger Federer (R. Federer) with a Passing Shot vs. J. Millman, 01/24/2020 2021シーズン最初のグランドスラム、全豪オープンテニス。現地の感動と興奮を連日生中継→