Paul Bettany is a remarkable film performer, who drew his first breath in 1971. He is most noted for his roles in Gangster #1 as well as A Knight’s Tale. In addition to that, he also appeared in a number of other successful TV projects. To name just a few: The Da Vinci Code, The Tourist, Dogville, Avengers and many others. The celebrity can also boast of great writing and directing skills that can be seen in a film Shelter. The actor’s career is developing rapidly but what is known about his closest people and relationships? Let’s find it out right now! The father Thane was originally from Malaysia. At first he worked as a mechanic in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Army but then decided to pursue a dancing career and got interested in ballet. He danced at the Royal Ballet but injured his back which led to the end of his path in the dancing world. After that he started featuring in movies, yet with the time moved to a completely different sphere- being a teacher at a girls’ boarding school. At the age of 63, he came out as gay. He passed away in 2015, aged 86. The mother’s name is Anne and she is a former actress, who could be seen on TV as well as on stage. In 1968 she married Thane and gave birth to three children with him. After 25 years of being together, they divorced. Paul has two siblings. Sarah is an older [More]
A Canadian-born movie star Rachel McAdams was welcomed in 1978. It would be interesting to know that since a young age she had been passionate about sports and figure skating in particular. However, everything changed when she took part in an amateur performance at the age of 12. Her acting gift was obvious and so she started pursuing a career in the filmmaking world. Having finished school, she entered York University, where she studied a special theatre program. After that she started gradually working in Canadian television. For instance, she appeared in a Perfect Pie, Slings and Arrows, etc. As for Rachel’s Hollywood debut, it happened when she featured in a comedy called The Hot Chick. Then she could be seen in such successful TV projects as The Notebook, Doctor Strange, Mean Girls and many others. And now, let’s get a deeper insight into her close surroundings! The celebrity’s father Lance used to work as a truck driver. Despite hard work, he always managed to find time for children. Today, he lives a calm life in Toronto, working as a furniture mover. He is very close with a stellar daughter and is extremely proud of all her achievements. The mother’s name is Sandra and she had been working as a nurse for 38 years. She always supported Rachel whatever she was interested in, starting from ballet and finishing with etiquette classes. Sandra and Lance have been married for over three decades and are still in love, demonstrating true love to [More]