Ariana Grande opened up about healing just months before reports surfaced that she is dating her Wicked costar, Ethan Slater. In an emotional Instagram post in April, the 30-year-old, shared a blurry photo of herself under a rainbow and gushed about working on the upcoming flick. “I am so grateful, I don’t know what to do or say… to be here in Oz where every day is a life changing one…to be feeling, learning and growing so much at such a disarming speed…to feel so much love around me, to begin each day before the sun is up and to end after it sets,” she wrote in part. On Thursday, multiple media outlets claimed the “7 rings” singer is now dating Ethan, following the news of her impending divorce from her husband, Dalton Gomez. “To be transforming and healing parts of me that I never knew needed it. or maybe did,” the April post continued. “Words don’t suffice but I suppose I just wanted to (attempt to) share a little. I don’t want it to end. so while I am still here, present, now, I just wanted to….exclaim my tremendous gratitution! [sic] and allow my heart to overflow. I hope this isn’t all a dream because as present as I am attempting to be, it sure does feel like one.”