The astrology chart/horoscope of Kanye West – what is going on?

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if you want to skip my story on meeting him and go straight to astro analysis, jump to timestamp 5:25
Just wanted to try something different today, let me know in the comments which other celebrity or some kind of event you want me to look into astrologically or as a channeled message.
Once again, I am a huge fan of Kanye West, only have positive things to say based on how he was with me when I met him and at the same time I don’t always support or agree (or even understand lol) some things he does in the public. This video is for astrology educational purposes and me trying to step away and try new forms of content outside my comfort zone and by no means is meant to be disrespectful. I won’t reveal any private or sensitive info about him (I don’t even have his time of birth so I wouldnt be able to anyway)

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Astro in Wonderland says:

Which celebrity or a well known person you want me to do astrology chart of next? I might pick someone from the list <3
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Hokuspokus says:

This is a really cool idea! And if you were to analyse interesting historical figures you could maybe go even more in depth because privacy wouldn't be much of an issue. There is this website Astrotheme that has a really comprehensive database of celebrities' birth charts (although I always wonder how they could possibly know the hour of birth of some really remote long gone historical people lol).
Anyway, it would be so cool to also compare major historical events with the astrological contest of the time, just to get an idea of how certain combinations can play out in reality.

diashappy me says:

Honestly I don't know him

x x says:

Bella Hadid (her birth time is confirmed) / The Weeknd 🤍🤍

Sonya Alexander says:

I am so glad you did this on him. I actually like him as a person from a fan prospective. We born the same year and from the same city and I also feel misunderstood and try to be truthful. My bd 10/29/77

Jumana K says:

I love this content, it’s very interesting to understand these things with an example we all know!

S A says:

That lipstick color on you is absolutely beautiful 😍 I have always found you incredibly beautiful, you have this unique beauty thing, I always thought it but figured I'd say it too 😂

Ellen Daybow says:

I highly recommend you to watch the video of a full phone call between him and Taylor Swift that got leaked recently. I'm curious whether you would feel the same vibe of a deeply caring and brutally honest person from him

Frenchie Millie says:

Kendall Jenner 💜💜💜

illosh says:

Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s also pretty amazing with a lot of the body of work he does

Frenchie Millie says:

Victoria Beckham

Frenchie Millie says:

Megan Markle

Daniel Crook says:

Thank you for this video

Frenchie Millie says:

Maybe one politician and one actor or actress…

Frenchie Millie says:


Frenchie Millie says:


Mariela Reyna says:

I remember one of Kim’s ex said Kris was racist, but don’t remember his name. And Kanye comparing her to the white mom in the movie supports that 😕

Frenchie Millie says:


Frenchie Millie says:


Frenchie Millie says:


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