The Day Lionel Messi Turned 19 Years Old & Impressed The World

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Messi’s performance vs Mexico in the 2006 World Cup. The day he turned 19 years of age! It’s the only time he has played on his birthday. He came off the bench and made immediate impact on the game.

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Messi TheBoss says:

I was supposed to upload this video yesterday but I had some complications and I couldn't. Here it is anyways: Messi's performance vs Mexico in the 2006 World Cup. The day he turned 19 years of age! It's the only time Leo has played on his birthday. Hope you enjoy!
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JahnPlays 1256 says:

2:29 what's a piranha doing there?

Alain Braine Numfor says:

The best 👍 and that is Messi. It is so because he is not selfish, if he sees that he won't make it up for a goal you know he will be always there to assist. I can't wait to see him score his 700th goal.

عشاق كرة القدم says:


Maria Isabel Jesus says:

Niño Leo Messi! Um encanto da Natureza! Happy Birthday Leo Messi! Deus te Bendiga e Proteja! King do Futebol! Golazoooooooooooooo de Leo!! Messi é uma Maravilha! Génio! É pura Magia! I Love Leo Messi! 💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏


Always the god father🙌

JuanFernando Gracia says:

Ahh worst birthday ever for me. I'm mexican, that was my 11th birthday, first world cup & 2nd year watching football … I really thought we were going to win 🙁

smiley061272 says:

Maradona brought up a lousy team to become champions. Messi will never achieve what Maradona did. That’s a ballon dor for me.

Hossam Tareq says:

Fantastic Messi skills on
Saxophone Dance Monkey

houssine gharbi says:

12 Corona <3 hhhhhhhhh

Willian Guimaraes says:

1 Copa Do Mundo👽

JeJe says:

No hay jugador mejor

Ankan Junior says:

Question:How argentina squad survived???
despite Mexico squad had corona(player name watch mexico squad carefully)😂😂.
Ans: Because messi was the antitode then.

3 Stars says:

Who love Messi?

Stefano Valle says:

And now that hairstyle is back!

Tinashe Andrea says:

he is the best there is, the best that ever be, possibly the best that ever will be

Sir Shaaban says:

Argentina second goal is UNDERRATED

Marcelo Pedrosa says:

Joga pra caralho!!! Messi é arte pura! Talento nato! Cê é loko, mano! Joga D+!!!

COJr 11 says:

Thanks for posting Messi videos like this. God bless you

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