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The Weeknd – Sacrifice❤️// Tournament Highlight’s By Payio❤️‍🔥

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Device – iPhone 11

Editing- iMovie

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/payiosixtus…

song – Sacrifice

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leio says:

Early!! Sick montage as always

DnfedHard says:

Was it hard going from just classic matches to actual scrims and tournaments?

HellzX says:

❤️‍🔥oh close range beast 😈🥵🌚

HellzX says:

Payioooooo god 🥵🌝❤️

StealthOP says:

6min late😣 big fan from 🇳🇵❤

AVENGER 2.0 says:

Big fan 🔥🎉

Debo Gaming says:

Jodd Level Gameplay and Editing ! 🔥💫

LucidClouds says:

favorite 😘muah

Deep Dhar says:

Payio is always op and best for me ♥️

SpiderKid says:

Bro love from Manipur ❤️☺️

undefeated hall says:

dashing it bruhh 🔥

Peipusiile Tyaletya says:

Idol owot🌙

XxAkioxX says:

Love u bro🥵❤🔥🔥🔥❤

Lizious says:


Sanskruti Daware says:

I'm use your clo.. But no more sensi please bro sensi video come "s

Altron 2.0 says:

T1 jgod is bhak ❤️😁

Dark Energy Gaming says:

Op 🔥 next level 🔥
Bro pin if possible 😉

fl playz says:

Payio always op🔥✨

Sanskruti Daware says:

Sensi bro 💝please video come's🥺❣️

SoLoCLuTcH says:

Feeling first with others 💪😹

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