TNT's Snowpiercer: Special Fan Q&A Edition at Paley Front Row 2020

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Stars of TNT’s Snowpiercer (Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, and Alison Wright) gather at Paley Front Row 2020 to celebrate their show. Topics include: the first season’s murder mystery; the surprising “Wilford reveal” at the end of the first episode; the pros and cons of working within the show’s single location on the train; important hair, makeup, and costume choices for the dissimilar characters; a set visit from Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho, director of the 2013 film; how to avoid the show’s dire climate-change predictions; comparisons to the real-life tumult of 2020, including “a sense of confinement,” and the series’ themes of class, wealth, and inequality; and the significance of a Black former police detective as the show’s complex protagonist. #paleycenter Subscribe to Paley Center on YouTube:


daryl says:

its the planets last indigenous life,she has all the right to do what shes doing,no one has that plan,they just wanna live,shes seeing bigger pic,and its a very small window ,im sure this story is connected to willy wonka,the movie even had the music,the little people who all died off,now children fill the spots,way to many similarities,if he didnt do it on purpose thats just weird then

daryl says:

best show of summer,and jennifer is still a knockout since her target days to now,timeless beauty

Sleepy Lari says:

I adore this show, definitely the best show I’ve seen in years ❤️❤️

Steph fran says:

Snowpiercer shows how stupid, primitive and ignorant the majority of humanity can be

Michele Florio says:

You are the event television series for 2020 Top A praise to all the actors from the protagonists to the last ones including soldiers too A special compliment to the figure of Melanie with fantastic and beautiful Jennifer Connolly. Her close-up looks speak for themselves

Loundsify says:

The thing is on Snowpiercer, it's the last of humanity and everyone has a purpose on the train, life is scarce and special, to act and treat someone different based on their colour wouldn't fit in with the shows theme, it's about class and how class divides humanity in real life.

resurgam75 says:

Loving this show, it's my favourite thing on TV at the moment. The writing and acting is top-notch and I believe in that world when I'm watching 🏅

Osiris Espinoza says:

wonderful actors

hessah says:

Please post 911 PaleyFest from 2019 please

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