What’s next for Cristiano Ronaldo after Juventus’ UCL heartbreak vs. Lyon? | ESPN FC

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus have been ousted from the UEFA Champions League on away goals to Lyon. What is next for Maurizio Sarri at Juve? Will Ronaldo seek greener pastures at Paris Saint-Germain this summer? ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Frank Leboeuf and Don Hutchison recap what went wrong for Juventus vs. Lyon, why Sarri may be heading for the exit and explain how the Old Lady looked “old and slow.” Marcotti fully expects Ronaldo to stick around in Serie A for another season, where he expects the powers that be at Juve will get his opinion on the manager.
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RF says:

im a realmadrid fan but I will tell you one coach that can make this juventus and ronaldo into beast again is carlo angeloti he is the only person that can make this work but he under contract with everton but if cristiano asks them, I think they can make it possible

Mr.Avocado says:

No Champions league cup for Gianluigi Buffon..😢💔
Made me sad tbh..

Nikolaj Madum says:

Juventus is just not good enough to win the CL

they are playing very bad football and have been doing so for quite some time

TwoGuysTV says:

dont even start with this "is it the end for Ronaldo" bullshit he was the best player out there on the pitch by far he doenst deserve Juventus blame sari not him

Alfredo Gomez says:

Its crazy the Juve i saw today was the same juve i saw when they played ajax, Ronaldo doing everything but his teammates nothing cant believe it

Unruly Rebel says:

As a messi and Barca fan it feel satisfying to see Ronaldo and Real Madrid knockout in the same day 🥺, the joy in my heart 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Nathaniel D says:

Diego Simeone is a happy guy today

KungFuTyrone says:

Lyon are such a loser club in UCL it's satisfying to see them go through at last

Jeff Besos says:

MLS or China, he is a former football player😆

Joshua Zhao says:

Man Ronaldo should move back to Madrid

Isa Sheikh says:

How is it a heartbreak
They won

Mjeez says:

Lol.. a time machine 🤣🤣🤣

Afro Berny says:

CR7 the goat. 🐐

Eric Ji says:

Juventus has an aging team with not many brilliant players and Sarri’s tactics weren't good. Ronaldo gave his all,but football is not one man sport. Juventus doesn't deserve to have Ronaldo and Ronaldo doesn't suit Juventus.

asani kayina says:

CR7 exit with pride 2 goals

Afro Berny says:

Cristiano is the goat end of. Messi is overrated.

Hydra Metr0n says:

Juventus' problem is not really Sarri. Juventus' problem is Sarri and Ronaldo together. Ronaldo doesn't fit Sarri's system. He needs a Center Forward and two Wingers. The only players that fit this system are Higuain and Diego Costa and Cuadrado. Neither Ronaldo or Dybala fit well in these positions. They both like to play in a 2 man front. Since you can't put Ronaldo on the bench , Sarri has to change the way he likes to play. Is like to ask Guardiola to play like Mourinho xD

Bager says:

Juve's roster just isn't good enough to compete for the CL title right now. How many of their players could legit start for teams like City, Liverpool and Bayern right now?

incel brah says:

Sack Sarry or Ronaldo leaves; his window of time is closing fast. Not sure who's carrying their team more; Messi or Ronaldo.

Benfica Eusebio says:

In the last 2 years juve have scored 7 ko stage goals, all from cr7, just ONE GOAL from his teammates would save the game and they couldn't even do THAT.

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