When Nick Kyrgios Goes Roger Federer Mode!

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Richard's World says:

I was expecting Nick in every clip. The title should be changed.

Matthew Bedrosian says:

The title should be, when Roger Federer goes Nick Kyrgios mode

It took me like forever to make that comment because of the auto correct

Example, Kong

wasup man says:

The title is disrespectful to Nick… He deserves credit for his own unique style of play…. I'm sick of Federer fan boys everywhere!

Stacy August says:

Kyrgios should spend less time trying to copy all of Roger's shots and try copying Roger's WINNING. Holla!

TheDusansky says:

Good for forever 15+ ATP ranking.

Enrique Carballo says:

I lile this man Kyrgios.

Joao Marveloso says:

These two guys really strongly in love with each other.

Thomas Brunkle says:

Plot twist: It's Federer going Kyrgios mode

Victoria Zappia says:

So much propaganda to this loser isn’t gonna change the fact that he is a loser. And an idiot

Damon Wayans says:

Much more exciting than fed

lange darm says:

you should actually give this a thumbs down. Kyrgios copied A LOT of Federer.
But there is only one original. And he IS the innovator.

Patrick Van der Werf says:

Will he ever go into Roger behaviour mode?

Aziz Seber says:

İf Federer is Bruce Lee than Kyrgios is Jackie Chan 🥋

The AViator says:

Great job stealing others’ ideas again and then taking down any videos they have. You’re the best corporation I could ask for. I just love the corruption!

Jan Merc says:

In retrospect this all makes sense ! The only person in Tennis that Nick Kyrios clearly respects is Federer! Truth be told Federer steers clear of bad talking or talking down t players by virtue of having won slams….totally get it…he is all about his money and not all the noise that is empty.." Imitation is the greatest form of adoration and flattery" !!!

shiva dhanush says:

Next video : "When medvedev tries to go federer mode"

Kaluda 121 says:

Australia is infamous for dangerous animals . They have Box jellyfishes , Saltwater crocodiles , Sydney funnel web spiders , but the most vicious of all is Nick Kyrgios- he slips out of your hand , bangs your girlfriend and then copies the best tennis player of all time . Savage….

nic says:

My two favorite players.

rgncajun21 says:

I hated nick when he first burst on the scene, but love him and root for him now. Exciting tennis from him doesnt hurt

François Biggi says:

Wait to see Federer goes in Kyrgios mode XD

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