Why Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Great at Quarantining Together

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The couple appeared on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ on Thursday and opened up about what they’ve learned about each other while quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Ai iA says:

Mila is aging rapidly looking very masculine 🤔

Stefania says:

Ricchi con una casa enorme certo che stanno bene in quarantena

Sober Man says:

Hi waldon and


AQTube says:

Jackie and Kelso

Suzy says:

They're so cute, bffs

My Account says:

Mila looks so different

King of Fitness says:

Coming from a guy who is not interested celebrities personal lives Ashton & Mila have to be the most compatible celebrity couple ever!!!💯

Vital Signs says:

Because she swallowed.

Cameron Segui says:

I just thought of meg the whole time

stella! says:

“it’s called love, I LOVE YOU” 😭😭🥺💓

April Wheeler says:

Since you both support the Democratic and started lies of this virus that you guys were paid to say like you are doing NOW!!! Stupid idiots, you’re so freaking naïve!!!

appassionata sonata says:

He has an iq of 160, so not sure what he is doing with her

Mommy Marine says:

I completely agree with the two kids logic. That’s why we stopped too.

Crystal Pistey-Lyhne says:


Drina Coetzee says:

Happy for them truly better than his first marriage I think now he gets loved two.. They both seem so happy

methyl jepeny says:


methyl jepeny says:

Both non-talented t.v.-movie types…very typical garden variety

methyl jepeny says:

Asston Kutcher…blew his way to the ….top? Via gay Hollywood t.v. producers. Obvious. Lollollollollol

methyl jepeny says:

Mila Kunis ….face like a wombat.

Yu Yu Aung says:

Let's not forget what a douche Ashton really is, despite all this being cheesy, loving, fatherly, husbandly image he is now trying..

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