Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Eurovision Song Contest, Embarrassing moment, Ghosts

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#Will Ferrell, #Rachel McAdams, #EurovisionSongContest, #EmbarrassingMoments, Will Ferrell makes Rachel McAdams see a ghost while filming ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Legend of Fire Saga’, Rachel McAdams gets kicked out of Disney camp & finds acting


Mohammed Ahmed says:

I have always loved your interviews and the questions you ask, keep it up🥰

Eric Miller says:

This interviewer is painful to sit through

jorge bts says:

I love your chanel

Isaac Kappy 777 says:

https://youtu.be/YetNFSUFrkE Will Ferrell child trafficking skit sometimes some monsters are good actors and wear fake smiles masks. Looking into there eyes you will know truth. Please if any of you out there had something happened to you expose it please for the children for the victims this is very real and very serious

Movies That Maher w The Viking says:

Love your interviews ❤️

Rick Zeckendorf says:

You get so much with such seeming ease (key word being "seeming"). Love love love their stories!!!

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