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YouTube star reveals why she stepped back from the internet

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Bethany Mota talks about taking a break from social media and her new jewelry line Atom&Matter.


Hhh Aaaa says:

I doubt she stepped back, she was still uploading videos. She just fell off.

Magical 801 says:

She became smart, nobody wants to have a camera in front of their face 24/7. She got her money and now she's relaxing, it becomes an addiction

vanessa Juarez says:

Have a fantastique day
May the sunshine ☀️ of Jesus be with you always ❄️-friendly 🦤

Jesus Christ has cleansed us with his blood says:

Jesus Christ loves you so much he died for you and he wants you to be with Him! He is offering eternal life for you!
Repent and believe the gospel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

MarisaCortez says:

Absolutely love her, she helped me through middle school with hairstyles and makeup and just her all around positivity. Wish her all the success in the world ❤️

H says:


H says:


Elizabeth Catherine says:

why is she deleting her old videos !!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Catherine says:

she was literally all i watch dud

Cathryn Dianne says:

Be honest; we all wanted to BE her back in the day

Paul Mayo says:

Before James Charles and other famous influencers, we had the OG Bethany Mota herself and others like Lilly Singh, Miranda Sings, Jenna Marbles and a lot,

Sarai Cruz says:

Who else misses the type of editing of this videos they used to make , colors , and the ideas of them morning routines and things like that ? Is it just me that really miss those videos I feel everyone is just doing plain boring videos now calling it “aesthetic”

Alicia says:

Who’s she?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Charlo Walliset says:

Bethany will always be the Queen of YouTube to me

Jakelin Gonzalez says:

only the originals remember macbarbie07

Veronica says:

That's beautiful I will have to buy I have never watched her I loved watching Dulce Candy years ago . I'll have check her videos

nicole says:

Macbarbie07 wasn’t the OG that would be Juicystar007

Shannon Claire lowe says:

So basically this was all about promoting her jewellery line

Serina A. says:

Jesus loves you and is waiting for you! ❤️

Jen R says:

I’ve always loved Bethany but her jewelry line is a bit pricey hopefully her Audience isn’t mostly teen girls and college students who can’t afford to spend so much on a necklace.

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