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Lionel Messi is so important for FC Barcelona that whether it’s on the pitch or discussing a transfer, you listen to him! But has he demanded his directors to sign a particular player before? The answer is yes! But this has to be nuanced…Because Messi is not a tyrant at Barcelona.

In this video discover 4 times Messi asked or allegedly asked Barça for players!

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1k subs with one video challenge says:

To the people reading this, have a GREAT day and stay safe during quarantine.

Aamir Hussain says:

I knew this…

Ebitari says:

I love messi and know he's huge for us but he shouldn't make demands.

Irish Rocky LS9 says:

What the hell happened to Dele Alli

Hamid Shawi says:

Second cause everyone is first

Rafay Bajwa says:

Messi is a kind of player that if he dont ask to sign player of his choice so barca should ask him

albion zhivani says:

Why they speak on Whatsapp when Rakuten is their Sponsor and has Viber😂😂😂😂

Spit Fire says:

According to el chiringuito all day

Ayan Sardar says:

Lionel Messi does whatever he wants….not necessary to explain it OH MY GOAL😏

The Panenka Podcast says:

More than just a player! This club are going to be in so much trouble when his time is up and decides to retire from the beautiful game!

King TMG says:

How can 20 people be first that’s BS

ッCxocograal says:

Like: Messi the GOAT

Comment: CR7 the HARDWORKER

Fc Barcaray says:

I wish Messi had Neymar on his side again….

Btw: I made a video called:
"6 Times Messi cut inside and scores!"

SimplyScoreHD says:

Imagine being so bored you scroll all the way down to my comment 😂

Vincenzo Gargiulo says:

What the hell is happened to bernardeschi

Lewandowski's Memes says:

Sometimes they have to consider what he is saying tbh. His suggestions could be beneficial for the club

JC99MUFC says:

Like if Messi will become the next Barca manager when he retires

TheKid2Step says:

I'm the most humble rapper…

Unkn0wn says:

Stop just typing random words to be first, being first in the comments doesn't make you cool, that just makes you look like you want recognition.

Irish Rocky LS9 says:

Early gang?

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