Barcelona News Round-Up ft Lionel Messi's Future, Xavi Hernandez, Samuel Umtiti's Injury & La Masia!

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After huge claims that Lionel Messi could leave Barça in 2021, let’s assess the latest developments on his future. Along with rumours that Xavi Hernandez could replace Quique Setien at the end of the season. And sadly, there’s another injury to report for Samuel Umtiti. Also discussed Arnau Tenas and Konrad de la Fuenta!

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TalkFCB says:

So much news to discuss today guys! From Umtiti, to Messi, to Xavi, to the future of La Masia. What's your thoughts on it all?!

Abu Ceesay says:

I wish that something come up against bartomeu right now that would take him to jail

Poptart Yt says:

Konrad de la fuenta and Andy fati together is just music to my ears

Arjun M says:

We have bought a lot of players Umtiti, Griezman, Dembele and Countinho. Their present market value is less than 250 milion 😨

Poptart Yt says:

Man I want to be Barca not a 1 man team that’s what’s Messi is doing. The board just wants him to take full responsibility of Barca and that’s not his job his job is to be at Barca.

Arjun M says:

Umtiti should have done the surgery last year. Even this year he could have done….a surgery and 6 months rest would have recovered him

salman hussain says:

The only thing I’m excited for is Trincao and Dembele (hopefully fit) linking together. Also Puig and Messi of course

Allison Tyler says:

Please talk about Coutinho next!

Bmoc1995 says:

Please for the love of fucking God can we please just sell every single French player. Nothing but injury problems and underperformance. Clement Lenglet is the only reasonable option.

ryan smith says:

Messi to Inter Milan?

CroLegend Archives says:

We need CB and LW.
That's all we need last 2 years.

Kenneth Galindo says:

Should’ve sold umtiti for funds and not Arthur

Michael A says:

What about Gustavo Maia are we gonna sign him?

football king says:

Setìen came to the club to solve all the problems

Adrian martinez says:

We need pep guardiola!! This team is an embarrassment! Coming from someone following the team since 6 yrs old. This is not about messi, its about the team as a whole. We lack confidence and aggression when we concede just 1 goal and we rely on messi and look for him 24/7. The day we lose messi, is the day this team turns into Milan. Build around Messi!!! This was the plan since this stupid bartomeu came in!! After he came in we have made stupid purchases and selling players at the wrong time when we are in bad times. I truly hope messi stays and this club fires every single person in office and the president and abidal. Worst year ive ever seen this team, its a complete mess, we’re to even start?

Mashud Ahmed says:

Messi can go where ever he can go but i will not watch him aneymore becas i onle watch Barcelona

Gibril Jallow says:

What's juvenil A level Barça team??

belgalalga says:

Words can not describe how much I fucking despise Bartoshit and his clown board.

vicky anderson says:

I think we should try go swap Umtiti for upermoncarmo he’s a young promising cb which is just what we need in this aging Barca side and Umtitis injuries are getting redulis

Miguel Valencia says:

I absolutely despise bartomeu. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason why we are struggling with money is bc it somehow found it's way into bartomeu's bank account.

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