Joel Kinnaman And Shantel VanSanten Hint At 'Nightmare' Their Characters Face In 'For All Mankind'

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Joel Kinnaman and Shantel VanSanten sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss “For All Mankind,” their new Apple TV+ sci-fi drama that explores a world where the Soviet Union beat the United States to the moon landing. Joel (who plays astronaut Edward Baldwin) reveals what drew him to the “very original” show, which he says is more than its “Mad Men and NASA” premise. Plus, Shantel (who plays Edward’s wife Karen) reveals how their old-school costumes broke the ice on their first day on set and hints at a “nightmare” their characters face in the back half of Season 1. “For All Mankind” debuts Nov. 1 on Apple TV+.

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sammy n says:

A question that should be asked to Shantel is how could she with her close association with the American Lung Association representing healthy smoke free values, one who herself is such a huge advocate of breathing only fresh air through Lung Force, take on a role that has her smoking constantly throughout the series ? Furthermore, I am very surprised that the Lung Association would be associated with her in essence promoting the idea that it is OK to smoke. It doesn't make sense to me. Surely she could have declined a smoking role because she is so closely associated with the exact opposite when she is out there telling everyone to give to the Lung Association & promote herself through her own videos as a lady who truly represents 1 who lives a healthy smoke free life !

nathanieldayspring00 says:

same values? No lady, we don't have the same values.

Darren Wilson says:

Excellent show, waiting for Season 2!

Mad Max says:

Shantel: Oh i am with Joel in this interview. Lets wear the highest heal i have. 20cms it is !!!

Thomas Chevrier says:

*****spoiler alert in the comments****

Alpha Jaguar says:

There is win out there waiting for us.

EngPMgt says:

Baldwin killed ussr astronaut 👨‍🚀 💔

PEPSIMAX2022 says:

i hate that robocop 2014 has tatooes ….stinky

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