Kanye West Presidential Run Reaches California and New York Helping Trump with Popular Vote Win

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yypBobbie Cheaney says:

H.A. come on keep on point please.

Janette Channing says:

Love your show. You give me hope.

Daniel Jeffery says:

HA Goodman post 2020 "Number one Kanye West booster" hehe

Michael & Paulette says:

The core of most Republicans, are the belief in "The Constitution", small government. (Basically, Gov't has a job, but getting in our way, isn't it). And, our strong belief in God. Mostly, we are Christian's. We don't understand why the Jewish population are bot Republicans.
The Dem. philosophy never supports an individual's faith. It gets in their way, concerning their agenda.
I almost forgot, a strong military. We believe, the stronger our military, the less we need to use them. Granted, they have been liberally used for the last few years, but you know what I mean.

Gee Low says:

What up Ha goodman

Joe Zappa says:

Why does the GOP let the Dems shut down America? So Weak!!
Trump is the Lone Ranger.

Kristin J says:

H. A. 💪💪❤️

RubyTuesday says:

I thought he dropped out???

Jamie Osgood says:

Your last video said Kanye on ballot in New York and California. Was that for clicks? I see nothing else about it.

ErikH526 says:

Awesome livestream & awesome live chat H.A., thank you again for the shout outs, see you soon!!

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