Kirsten Dunst was left baffled when Kanye West tweeted new presidential campaign materials featuring

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Like fans, Dunst was confused to see her face smiling back at her when she viewed his tweet. She responded to the rapper on Thursday, tweeting, “What’s the message here, and why am I apart of it?” COULD KANYE EVEN THEORETICALLY WIN? MISSED BALLOT DEADLINES SEEM TO ERASE ANY PATH It’s unclear why West chose to feature Dunst and Wintour on the campaign poster but Dunst’s response is evidence she did not sign off on her likeness being used beforehand. West has yet to provide Dunst an explanation. West, 43, stunned fans back on July 4 when he announced he is running in the 2020 presidential election. He’s since used his platform to share his anti-abortion views and reportedly ruffled feathers within his own marriage to Kim Kardashian when he told a crowd at a campaign event that the pair considered aborting their firstborn child, North. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP One day later, West sparked more controversy in a now-viral Twitter thread in which he spoke negatively of Kardashian a …


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