Their Fate In 5 Minutes: Kanye West's Presidential Campaign

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This scintillating episode is stuffed to the gills with hot channeling action. Cash Peters, the English Channel, and his cast of badly drawn people look at Kanye West’s presidential bid and whether it’s real or just in the rapper’s own head.

Cash also delves into the Arts in America to see if they have a future – and if so when. Plus, he looks at Susan Rice, Tammy Duckworth, Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, Florida Governor Ron deSantis, and how Americans are going to feel communally on January 20th 2021, inauguration day. Finally there’s a fleeting glance at Trump’s three options following the Supreme Court’s decision about his taxes.

All for entertainment purposes only, of course, if you can imagine such a thing.

Kanye thumbnail by David Shankbone CC BY 3.0

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