WisEye Morning Minute: Kanye West Ballot Access Challenge

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“When are [the Democrats] going to stop suppressing the Black vote?” Wisconsin Election Commissioner Robert Spindell questioned during the WEC special teleconference meeting on ballot access challenges for independent presidential candidates. Kayne West’s candidacy was challenged during the meeting. Spindell cited instances of suppression with the Milwaukee polling places being greatly reduced during the April primary and argued that in this ballot access challenge, the Democrats “wish to take away from the Black population an opportunity [by taking] a Black presidential candidate off the ballot [so they don’t] have a choice in terms of who they want to vote for.” WEC Vice Chair Mark Thomsen responded by confirming the signatures collected for Kanye West’s campaign and highlighted that his campaign waited until 5 P.M. to submit their paperwork. “I think what we really have to vote on is, are we going to say for a candidate, if you’re late, you’re late, and the consensus was, when you’re late, you’re late,” Thomsen said. The commission ultimately voted to remove Kanye West from the presidential ballot.
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