You Should Have Left (2020) Horror Movie Review | Kevin Bacon & Amanda Seyfried

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Johnny The Horror Hack reviews You Should Have Left (2020), the Horror/Mystery film written and directed by David Koepp. This movie stars Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried and Avery Essex.

A Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Production!

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Strange Monkey Reviews says:

Too bad it wasn't that great. I'll give it a chance either way. Great review!

Allison says:

You deserve more traffic.

TrentonLovesMovies says:

I enjoyed your video…I liked and subscribed, Can you do the same for me🥰❤️

Sean Jump says:

Thanks for an honest review. I haven't seen it, and now I'm not so sure I will. Unlikable characters are a surefire way to spoil almost any story. I wonder if the novel is better?

Dambreaker says:

It is hard to enjoy a film, when your eyes are constantly rolled into the back of your head. I never finished it.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I had the same type of reaction about this movie like you did Johnny. Like I said in my review, I felt the movie was dull and boring. I didn't like the chemistry between Kevin Back and Amanda Seyfried, though I didn't have a problem with their age difference. I put the blame on that on Koepp's script.

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