You Should Have Left (2020) Spoiler free Horror Movie Review | Kevin Bacon & Amanda Seyfried

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Marcos C says:

Their relationship isn't strained by the 30 year age difference? Seriously though I thought Stir of Echoes was a good watch and very dark.

TayChanel's Favorite Things says:

Bummer! I wanted this one to work.

Romaldo Thomas says:

Thanks for the review saw the Back coats Daughter creepy but great movie.

Vernard Fields says:

I want a horror movie called "Bacon Bits" that's about how Kevin Bacon spends time as a serial killer in between films he's starring in. It would be in the style of found footage mixed with real BTS footage of films he's made in the past. Yes, nobody asked for this but we all need it!

Andrej Sajovic says:

Boring movie 😑😑

Siegfried Balicas says:

Amanda's 2nd name is really close to mine huh

Chris Das says:

This movie will make you go "I should have left my expectations at the door before I decided to watch this film".

Kalinna Vyacheslavovna says:

Ugh I was so excited for this movie but it was so disappointing. The entire dynamic of the family as a whole didn't make much sense. I honestly spent most of the movie trying to figure out who's daughter she was because of the way it was written. Amanda's character seemed more like a stepmom who walked into a premade family trying to win over the little girl, and Kevin came across more like a grandfather. I think timing of release had a lot to do with it as well. There have been so many movies that came out in the last year with the same plot and outcome.

Griffin Cates says:

Hi Emma. Great review as always and I love your hair like that. In the thumbnail you look like you could be in a period drama.

Jim J says:

Love your channel/show. Just came across it 4 days ago. Have checked out about 30 episodes so far. Would love to see a review / reaction to "The Odds" (2019) Has anyone seen this?

Susan Burgess says:

Love love your hair❤❤❤

lestat23l says:

When I first saw the beginning of the trailer I thought it was a movie adaptation of the book ‘house of leaves’, because he was talking about how the inside of the house is bigger than the outside

chandru p says:

I saw the movie, it was nice but I don't like the climax part.

Tammy B says:

OMG I JUST SEEN THIS MOVIE. 🙄 I AM Like ….😠ARE YOU KIDDING ME🤔I DiD NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE AT ALL.😵 SO MUCH OF A LOSS OF TIME…..MY Time doing….🤔🤔🤔🤔.. ( OH Yeah paint dry.) MY Score .is 1.. And i AM being Nice..

Nic The Wordsmith says:

Love these videos

Stephen Otten says:

Can't recommend it, but I wasn't offended by it. The actors were fine (Kevin Bacon is always a win), but we've been here before.

Speaking of "House of Leaves," I'm curious if an adaptation of that book is possible. On the other hand, Hollywood would just frak it up.

Mark Quintana says:

horror these days suck there all rip offs of other movies

Antonin M says:

I think it was ok if we see it from a drama point of view, the story of his past was intriguing. Also, the sequence where the house feels like a maze was amazing. But these two aspects did not work well together, it felt like two unfinished storylines.

archnof0 says:

I am curious what you thought of the novella. Does it have a consistent theme that is well executed unlike the film?

Xue Nian says:

This movie was awful. I was SO disappointed

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