Lionel Messi says Barca players not good enough

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Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi acknowledged Real Madrid as LaLiga champion, before admitting his side will struggle to win the UEFA Champions League with the players it has.

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mahmoudd abdelkader says:
The best player not Messi not ronaldo

Harshit Nagar says:

When Ronaldo used to say the same about Madrid, that if they also start playing with the same dedication in which I play, barca fans were laughing at him saying he gives excuses.
Now he is saying the same and you guys are 'oh he's right'

Such stupid fans

CabSebas 10 says:

Okay what Messi said is facts. But when did he say the players aren’t good enough???? Tf mixing words here bein sports. He said the team and I’m sure he really ain’t meaning the team he means more coaches and the board. That’s also what he meant by changes. Setien if you’ve seen him in the past games he’s always nervous you know why cause he knows he ain’t doing well and his career si probably over. We do need a better team but the team we have should be able to still give better performance.

Don _Forca says:

can’t deny the truth. i think (my opinion) messi is right.

LemiTheRedPanda says:

When I say I was like no shite he is spiiting thos goat milk facts out here

Anthony says:

The goat spitting facts

Raj Gurung says:

Agree with messi

Mercurial JK7 says:

I mean this is some true stuff

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